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The Ultimate Question 2.0

Fred Reichheld is widely recognized as one of the world's leading authorities on business loyalty and is a frequent speaker to major forums and groups of senior executives. Audiences around the world consistently rate him as an outstanding communicator.

Presentation themes
  • The economics of customer and employee loyalty
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • The increasingly vital role of loyalty in the new economy
  • Leadership strategies for building loyalty
  • Measuring loyalty: moving beyond customer satisfaction
  • E-Loyalty: enduring relationships on the web
  • The link between corporate ethics and profits
  • Building employee loyalty: organization, compensation, communication, and strategy

"Fred Reichheld is the godfather of customer loyalty. His new book continues to push the edge with innovative, practical ideas. I recommend The Ultimate Question to friends, colleagues, and all business leaders with enthusiasm."

-John Donahoe, President, eBay

"Fred Reichheld is at the forefront of helping organizations understand the importance of customer loyalty in driving performance. All companies should ask their customers what Fred calls 'the ultimate question.'"

-Ken Chenault, CEO, American Express

For more information about Fred Reichheld, contact: loyalty@bain.com

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Listen to Fred discuss the difference between good profits—those that build on the earned loyalty of current customers, and bad profits—those which arise out of a milking strategy focused on continuous acquisition rather than retention and referral generation

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