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The Ultimate Question 2.0
"Fred Reichheld is at the forefront of helping organizations understand the importance of customer loyalty in driving performance. All companies should ask their customers what Fred calls 'the ultimate question.'"
-Ken Chenault, CEO, American Express
"Fred Reichheld is the godfather of customer loyalty. His new book continues to push the edge with innovative, practical ideas. I recommend The Ultimate Question to friends, colleagues, and all business leaders with enthusiasm."

-John Donahoe, President, eBay

"The Ultimate Question reveals a radically simple, but incredibly valuable, formula for achieving profitable growth. Every business should test itself against this measure and use the wisdom in this book to pass the exam."

-Jack Brennan, CEO, Vanguard

"The "ultimate question" yields a powerful metric to promote golden-rule behavior and generate profits a company can be proud of. Hats off to Reichheld for a compelling argument, lucid prose, and actionable concepts that every manager can immediately put to use!"

-Lynn Paine, Professor, Harvard Business School

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